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Jill Journeaux’s work is characterised by an emphasis on the handmade, both by the artist herself and by others, the depiction of internal and external worlds simultaneously, and the domesticity of scale, source
and reference. Her work is strongly informed by the decorative arts both as subject and as language.

The motifs and characters in the work are shaped by the artist’s physical, perceptual and imaginative experience. Insects, flowers, fruit etc. are sometimes depicted as observed but at other times are drawn
in cross section, depicted diagrammatically or superimposed.

"I am drawn to the quiet, to the whisper and ambiguity, to the intuitive and the evocative, the half remembered and the dreamlike, and to the sensuality of the decorative. Pattern, imprint, diagram, edge,
line and overlay provide the means to bring together rich alignments and interconnections. My work is concerned with time passing, time spent in careful looking, taking notice of the overlooked and the particularities of bloom and decay."